Pucci x Fusalp

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to the Pucci Collection for Fusalp: chic garments for the mountains that meet
practicality and modernity.

Pucci for Fusalp: a sporty and sophisticated

Whether dressing for a mountain escape or keeping warm during the
season, the collection brings together two historic brands that express their
strengths in terms of performance and style


Each piece tells the story of the two brands' cornerstones:
Pucci's exclusive colours and prints and Fusalp's technical and practical
fabrics. A perfect mix for those who don't want their mountain clothing to
lack style and freshness


What you will find in the Pucci Collection for Fusalp

The collection offers a wide range of garments to face the winter
and ski season in style. Discover colourful ski suits, thermal jackets that
are ideal for low temperatures, stylish sports pullovers and staple


Explore a wide selection of exclusive garments and be surprised
by essential silhouettes that express a new sporty glamour.