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Welcome to the Pucci Vivara Collection: the spring summer collection where style meets elegance.

Very Vivara Collection by Pucci: Our Selection of Iconic Garments
and Accessories

The Pucci Vivara collection is a luxurious embodiment of style and sophistication, drawing inspiration from the iconic Vivara print. Each piece is a tribute to the fusion of fashion and art, featuring a range of elegant women's dresses and exclusive accessories. Adorned with geometric shapes and vivid colors, the Vivara print enhances the high-quality fabric of each item, making every piece uniquely distinguished.

What do you find in the Pucci Vivara Collection?

The Vivara collection offers an array of elegant dresses and sophisticated garments, perfect for both city dressing and seaside escapes this season. From elegant caftans to coloured tops and skirts with refined gabardine details, each element is designed for the Pucci woman who seeks the perfect blend of comfort and style. The collection is also complemented by exquisite accessories such as sophisticated bags and sandals with curvaceous heels, echoing the iconic lines of the Marmo print.

The Very Vivara collection brings back the vintage elegance of the 1960s by blending contemporary cuts with innovative fabrics to enhance every silhouette. These distinctive garments are perfect for any occasion. For men,
the collection offers trendy blousons and sophisticated denim that balance
casual style with elegance. To complete your summer look, Pucci proposes
exclusive jewelry ranging from dynamic cascades of discs to elaborate chains.
This line celebrates Pucci's heritage by adding a modern touch, ideal for those who wish to express a contemporary aesthetic while maintaining a connection with tradition.