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to Pucci's Supernova collection. Dive into Pucci's new clothing collection
Supernova, where fashion takes on a cosmic allure. Each piece in this new
collection exudes a unique radiance and speaks of meticulous

Pucci Supernova: an explosion of

Supernova is a symphony of contemporary design and classic elegance. From
boldly printed skirts and iconic Pucci caftans to impeccably tailored suits,
each piece radiates innovation and style. Step into a universe where fashion
transcends and every garment is a statement.

What do you find in Supernova

Discover the brilliance of Pucci's latest fashion venture, the 'Supernova'
collection, a celestial fusion of cutting-edge design and timeless elegance.
Our printed skirts are canvases of art, adorned with intricate patterns that
make a bold statement. The iconic Pucci caftans remain true to their heritage
but are reimagined with a modern twist, embodying both comfort and luxury in
every fold. But the stars of the 'Supernova' collection might just be our
tailored suits. Perfectly sculpted to honor the silhouette, they represent
the apex of modern tailoring, offering a blend of style and functionality
that's hard to find. As you delve deeper into this collection, every
ensemble, every stitch, and every fabric choice tells a story of fashion
innovation. Let the 'Supernova' collection be your gateway to a world where
tradition meets modernity, and style meets substance.